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All things Dogs in Idaho!

You can find almost anything about Idaho Dogs on our website. There are dog and pet groomers, veterinarians, dog kennels, dog breeders and more.  Mobile groomers allow you to save time and hassle because they come to your home or business to wash and groom your pooch.

Cozy Pet Grooming

Our mobile grooming unit has both an air conditioner and a heater to keep your dog comfortable during all seasons.

Dog Spa on Wheels

Our bath water is also heated to the perfect temperature so your dog will love their bath every single time!


Regular grooming services are very important for your pet. There are more than a few health issues that can be spotted and brought to your attention before they become serious. Your dog should be groomed every 4-10 weeks depending on the breed or lifestyle of your pet.

"Abby was nervous and she's very fussy about getting her nails trimmed, but Angela was calm, patient, and gentle with her. Her coat/grooming looks great and we will definitely be using Clean Pup again!"

- Trinity H., Meridian ID, Yelp review

Mobile Dog Grooming is fun for everyone!

Let’s face it, in this economy you don’t want to be missing a lot of work because jobs are scarce and your employer really needs you to be there. That’s why a large percentage of our customers have us come to their home or place of work to groom their Pooch.


Your furry friend deserves the best!

We groom dogs of all sizes but even big dogs can be sensitive about getting groomed. That’s why all of our employees give the utmost attention to detail and sensitivity when grooming your dog.  Whether a Yorkie or a big Lab – your pooch is safe in our hands.

"When your dog's so clean the cat wants to cuddle."

That’s how we do it, we send your perfect pooch back to you as clean and as well-groomed as can be – we wouldn’t have it any other way!


Now's the time to prep for holiday pictures...

No one wants a dirty dog in the family portrait. So, rely on us to save the day and to get your dog ready for a picture perfect moment this holiday season.

"This is an amazing service. I have 2 dogs and it has been a long time since they were groomed. She took all the time she needed to make my boys so handsome.  She seemed to genuinely care for each dog.  An absolute sweetheart and a wonderful job. Thanks so much."

- Diane M., Boise ID, Yelp review

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Use our contact form above if you have a questions about our mobile dog grooming in Treasure Valley Idaho.  However, if you need help right away, then please call us (949) 329-3984 during normal business hours.

Business Hours: Mon – Fri: 8am to 5pm

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